I play cutting edge music from around the country and the world. Music descriptions include Twee pop, shoegaze, psychedelic, space rock, dream pop, experimental, glue wave, post punk, indie pop, surf rock, bedroom pop. I am connected to musical movements and record labels as well as individual bands regionally and internationally. I have the general party feel to my program; high energy fun music that doesn’t get to heavy. Along with that feeling is the music I present always has some sense of artistic significance. I feel my program has something for everyone; and indeed my on air calls reflect this; I get wonderful calls from young and old alike. I tend to think of my program as something that at least 90% of the people listening cannot identify one band on my playlist but when given a chance with a open and artistic mind will discover a incredible and rich musical world that they never knew existed.

Alt. Saturdays // 10 PM - 12 AM (Live, 105.7 Broadcast)